Link Roundup for February 25th

  • SXSW YouTube Channel
    If you're attending SXSW Film this year, you can check out a ton of trailers on their newly-created YouTube channel. Which is great, because the video player on the SXSW site is annoyingly slow.
  • ABC Orders Pilot For No Heroics
    Apparently, ABC will be producing an American version of the not-even-a-season-old British sitcom No Heroics, which looks completely awesome, but which I haven't yet seen (those damned Brits won't let me stream it from The States! I'm willing to pay, even!). Looks like a much hipper, more grown-up version of Fox's short-lived live-action version of The Tick.
  • The Making Of Wrestle Jam: The Wrestler’s Unsung Hero
    A fun piece on "Wrestle Jam", the old-school wrestling game played in Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler (via John Merriman:
  • Critical Vision: An Interview with James Gray
    A very good interview with director James Gray, whose new film (Two Lovers) I caught at AFF this year. Gray also gave a very interesting Q&A at the fest–and Two Lovers will definitely leave you with a lot of questions.

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