Link Roundup for December 8th through December 11th

  • A Town Called Panic

    One of the most talked-about films at Fantastic Fest this year was the animated Belgian comedy A Town Called Panic. Missing it bummed me out. But thankfully, it'll be getting a limited theatrical run in early 2010, including screenings at the Alamo beginning on January 7th.

  • The Auteurs 50 Top Rated Films of the Decade

    The Auteurs has a list of the decade's 50 best films, as rated by the community. (The Auteurs is Criterion's community/streaming video site.)

  • Blut Aus Nord

    If you're in to black metal, French outfit Blut Aus Nord will blow you away. I have no idea how I went so long without knowing who they were, but I've been spinning them nonstop lately. They're dark and atmospheric, but totally inventive and interesting. Start with the newest record and work backward.

  • Redbox is Killing the Entertainment Industry

    Film junk points out an outlandish claim made by a recent, industry-backed report on low-cost DVD rentals. Besides the fact that the numbers are probably extrapolated way beyond their usefulness… correlation does not equal causation.

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