Link Roundup for March 2nd through May 8th

  • Short Letterpress Documentary
    A short (and apparently old) but great little documentary about a Massachusetts letterpress printing shop. Looks like this made the rounds a long time ago, but I'd never seen it. Makes me want to buy or build a letterpress.
  • Showlist Austin – A SXSW Party Guide
    Speaking of SXSW parties, Show List Austin (which is always a handy reference guide for live music-loving Austinites) is practically indispensable for planning out your SXSW day party schedule. They don't list official showcases, but the list of free parties is brain-meltingly long.
  • Data Pop 09
    Data Pop 09 will celebrate the fine art of chiptunes–that is, making music with instruments fashioned form old video games. I love this.

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