Link Roundup for October 2nd through January 4th

Apparently, I haven’t done a link roundup since October. I hate myself. Anyhoo–here’s the first roundup of the new year.

  • Revolutionary Road Ain’t All That, Apparently
    This review of Sam Mendes' upcoming drama Revolutionary Road reminds me why I love reading Nick Schager.
  • Sorry, Thanks
    A new film starring Austin's own Wiley Wiggins. Check the trailer.
  • Why Lionsgate Is Abandoning Horror
    Lionsgate (the studio behind genre flicks like Shadow of the Vampire, The Descent, The Devil's Rejects and Midnight Meat Train) is transitioning away from horror. Which is bad news for fans of original (meaning non-remake), English-language genre films.
  • Netflix To Stream Movies From Starz
    Netflix has just added significant value to its Watch Online service–maybe it's finally time to buy a Roku.

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