Stacy Peralta’s Made In America

Made in America PosterSalon Magazine’s Andrew O’Hehir recently interviewed legendary skateboarder-turned filmmaker Stacy Peralta about his new film Made in America (no, not this one), which, according to recent Sundance reviews, is very good.

It’s a sort of social history of Los Angeles gang culture, tracing the roots of teenage warfare all the way back to the 1930s, exploring the social and economic forces that have shaped the current state of things in inner-city LA. And if the interview is any indication of Stacy’s passion for and treatment of the subject, I’m excited to see it.

I still haven’t seen Peralta’s Riding Giants, but I really loved Dogtown and Z-Boys, and I’m interested to see how he tackles a more, er, issue-oriented film.

[Watch the interview]

UPDATE: Jim Rohner, Editor at Zoom In Online recently forwarded me some relevant links. The first is to Zoom-In’s Sundance review of Made in America, and the second is to an interview Stacy Peralta did with The review link also includes a “Critical Clips” video, where audience members are asked for their reactions as they leave the screening. Neat idea.

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