Danny Boyle’s Sunshine hits Austin next Friday July 21st. You probably know Boyle best as the director of Trainspotting and 28 Days Later–he’s had some winners (I liked the darkly comic Shallow Grave a lot) and some flops (his adaptation of The Beach is completely terrible), but I think this one’s gonna be good.

Sunshine is about a crew of astronauts sent to re-ignite our dying sun–you know, the one that keeps Texas stifling during the summer–but, like all movie astronauts, they run into some trouble along the way.

Movies set in space (or underwater, now that I think of it) really terrify me. I don’t know exactly what it is about them, but I’m a sucker for the claustrophobic thriller. And I’m a sucker for futuristic disaster films. And this one stars Cillian Murphy, who is, in my estimation, one of the most creepily handsome actors working right now–so I’m sure he’ll fit right into the overall mood of the thing.

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